With over 150 years of combined experience, ATA Loss Consulting has had the privilege and honor of serving both the private and public sector, aiding Federal and State agencies and departments, as well as law firms and property management groups, achieve successful resolution and optimal outcomes with regards to post-disaster insurance claims.





Having worked with, alongside of and consulted with numerous State Attorney Generals, Mayors, and Congressmen including those representing the great states of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. Louisiana, ATA Loss Consulting is highly experienced with the nuances and local bureaucracy of State & Local Governments.

Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe of 2010

On April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon, an oil drilling rig operating out of Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico experienced a catastrophic failure resulting in the explosion and sinking of the site.


This event marked the largest oil spill in the history of the marine oil drilling industry, claiming 11 lives and dumping 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf over a period extending 87-days.

On December 15, 2010, the United States filed a complaint against BP Exploration & Production along with a number of other defendants alleged to be responsible.

The aftermath of legal proceedings resulted in a number of both civil and criminal settlements, agreements and pleas, resulting in over $20 billion in settlements and penalties levied.

ATA Loss Consulting’s Role in Aiding Businesses with the Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe

ATA assisted State and Local governments with:

  • Strategic consulting and advisory

  • Efficient navigation of the claims process

  • Processes for dealing with business and community inquiries

  • Press and media support

  • Community education and statements

  • Town hall meetings

  • Processing of $2 Billion in oil spill claims



FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program


Under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program provides robust and affordable insurance policies to property and business owners, while encouraging the adoption and enforcement of flood plan management regulations.

Hurricane Sandy

Yet, despite these efforts, the impact of flooding on communities can have a dramatic socio-economic impact. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the coastal US, becoming the nation’s deadliest and most destructive natural disaster that year. The toll was not just inflicted upon human life, but infrastructure, commerce and more, ranking as the second-costliest hurricane on record in the United States (until being surpassed by both Hurricane Maria and Harvey in 2017).

ATA Loss Consulting and the Hurricane Sandy Task Force

With the help of members of ATA Loss Consulting, FEMA successfully designed, deployed and managed the Hurricane Sandy Task Force. During this time, members of ATA Loss Consulting were available on-site, providing ongoing guidance and counsel, and aiding in helping countless property owners restore their lives and livelihood.


Capable and Experienced Team that Gets the Job Done


From natural disasters to other catastrophic events, ATA Loss Consulting is a firm with the experience and expertise necessary to efficiently and effectively navigate the impending flood of claims to follow.



Insurance companies and other potentially liable parties have teams working night and day to support their cases, shouldn’t you? At ATA Loss Consulting we level the playing field, supporting law firms both large and small by saving them time, optimizing resources, and providing holistic 360-degree claims support from start to finish.


Our team is dedicated to protecting and supporting the interests of your clients. We offer superior claims consulting and support efforts designed to help your firm achieve the best possible claims outcome.


Expert Analysis & Assessment

We help law firms bridge the gap between what insurance companies claim vs. the reality of the situation. Our vast years of experience and dedication to accuracy and uncovering supporting evidence to back your clients’ claims is what sets us apart.


Experts we Employ Include:

  • Claim examiners

  • Adjusters

  • Loss experts

  • Forensic accountants

  • Specialty consultants

  • Engineers

  • And more…

Litigation Support

You wouldn’t go into battle without the right strategic plan and supporting resources. Similarly, we prepare and support litigation teams with everything they need to substantiate claims and back their position.


Support We Provide Includes:

  • Depositions

  • Expert Witnesses 

  • Settlement Negotiation

  • Trial Preparation

  • And more


From A-to-Z, our team is there to make sure maximum recovery is obtained in an expedited fashion for your clients.




Condo associations, REITs and property management companies are often among those hit the hardest after a disaster. Insurance companies can stall, provide what you consider to be “low ball” estimates and assessment of damages, and more.

From claims support to accurate damage assessment, uncovering causation, providing evidence and aiding in negotiations, ATA Loss Consulting can and does it all. As a leader in the claims support, management and consulting industry we bring to the table a demonstrated and proven track record of helping our clients get the results they deserve.




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