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The Partner You Need For Your Commercial Insurance Claims

Most commercial claims are underestimated by as much as 30%-50% in the initial finding. Our specialty is finding the true value of your loss from the beginning.


ATA Loss Consulting makes sure your business gets paid every penny you are legally entitled to. Unlike the insurance companies, we are on your side and our interests are aligned with yours.

Whether it’s a catastrophic loss of property, or the interruption of an industrial steel plant, our team – regardless of where you are in the claim process – can navigate all the pitfalls, traps, and legal hurdles your business may face along the way. We can help ensure your business is in the best position to maximize its recovery.

  • Free policy reviews and analysis of losses to determine the merits of the claim

  • Inclusion of client properties in weather and other databases to ensure the most accurate loss data for our clients

  • Hire and utilize Employ the most professional experts and analysts to determine the proper total scope of client losses

  • Employ professional adjusters, analysts, and professionals to assess our client’s claim, and assist us in negotiating and leveraging the best client result

  • Employ nationally recognized lawyers, with specific expertise in insurance law, to assist thereby allowing our clients to navigate the claims process, negotiations, and even litigation as an option of last resort

It’s Important To Remember:

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Work For You. They Work For The Insurance Companies That Hire Them.


When your commercial property settlement is crucial to reopening your business, it’s important to have an insurance expert working on your behalf. There are a number of ways our team can maximize your commercial claim settlement.

1. Controlling The Investigation
When insurance adjusters investigate claims, they get the facts by asking a lot of questions. Some are designed strictly to reveal coverage or damage issues. If you are nervous or don’t understand what issues they are trying to uncover, you may give seemingly harmless answers that could ultimately jeopardize your claim. As you must cooperate with your insurance company, you can’t refuse to answer their questions, but a public adjuster can help. A PA has the expertise to conduct an independent investigation, recognize issues ahead of time, and prepare you to deal with the insurance company investigation.

2. Handling Coverage issues
When you're dealing with an experienced commercial insurance adjuster, you might not realize that a coverage issue exists until you receive a reservation of rights letter or declination of coverage. One of the important benefits of hiring a public adjuster is that you have an ally with the knowledge to recognize coverage issues as they develop and the expertise to work through them before they spin out of control.

3. Settling Your Business Interruption Claim
BOP business interruption insurance pays business income, extra expenses, and extended business income. These benefits may keep you from closing your doors permanently, but the claims are complicated. They present unique settlement problems as they are subject to an insurance adjuster's opinions on essential guidelines:

The coverage limit is based on the “length of time it would have taken to resume operations as quickly as possible.”

Business Income coverage pays continuing "normal" business expenses.

A public adjuster can help you develop and submit the appropriate documentation, deal with adjuster opinions on what are "normal" expenses and what "quickly as possible" means. A PA will also push for maximum dollar recovery.

4. Disputing Actual Cash Value
Some claims are paid based on Actual Cash Value with a deduction for depreciation. The method adjusters use to reach ACV settlement figures relies on depreciation tables and programs that calculate average life expectancy. If your property doesn't fit neatly into an "average" category, your settlement may be unreasonably low. Fortunately, a public adjuster can use documentation and facts to dispute an unacceptably low offer.

5. Negotiating the Best Settlement
Negotiating a fair settlement for your commercial claim can take a lot of energy and effort. Commercial insurance adjusters understand complicated coverage issues. A public adjuster has that same skill set. They understand how to address claims for hidden problems such as smoke, soot, and mold damage. They have the patience and experience to keep the negotiations going until you get a fair settlement offer.


Only 17% of businesses affected by natural disasters have business interruption insurance

Downtime Costs have risen 32% in the last 7 years



We will begin the process of fully reviewing your policy and known damages with a policy expert to ensure that we take full advantage of all the commercial coverage you are paying for.


Our full team of legal experts and industry specialists will be available to answer your questions as soon as they begin the process of navigating your claims.


We source industry experts to assist us in fully assessing the scope of the damage. This knowledge will be used to properly set the reserve for your claim. The reserve is the amount of the money that the insurance company sets aside to cover your claim at a later date when they settle.


We will put together a full and comprehensive claim and then negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Since we are a law firm, your claim will be negotiated with the weight of the firm behind it. Our goal is to settle outside of litigation but, if necessary, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf.




Condo associations, REITs, and property management companies are often among those hit the hardest after a disaster. Insurance companies can stall, provide what you consider to be “lowball” estimates and assessments of damages, and more.

From claims support to accurate damage assessment, uncovering causation, providing evidence, and aiding in negotiations, ATA Loss Consulting can and does it all. As a leader in the claims support, management, and consulting industry we bring to the table a demonstrated and proven track record of helping our clients get the results they deserve.

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