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Since inception ATA Loss Consulting has stood out as a thought leader in the claims consulting space. Having combined decades of experience, our team of experts brings to the table a depth of knowledge and a passion for getting the job done right.

When natural disasters strike, often without warning, ATA Loss Consulting is here to assist clients with the aftermath of investigations, estimates, and resolution of claims in your client's favor.

ATA Loss Consulting’s Valuable Services Include


Property Damage Evaluation

Our depth of experience and knowledge regarding insurance vehicles and underwriting well-positions our team to provide exemplary damage and loss assessments, appraisals, and detailed inventories of both insured and non-insured damages.


Commercial Income Loss Analysis

Our accounting professionals understand the nuances of income loss and business income valuations as it relates to loss of rent, rental values, interruption of service of operations and more.


Specialty Services

Claims consulting is a multi-disciplinary industry requiring specialty expertise in areas such as engineering and forensics, among others. Our teams can aid in the identification of damage causation, origins, structural failure analysis and more.

  • Tornado

  • Earthquake

  • Other natural disasters

  • And more…

  • Hail

  • Fire and Smoke

  • Hurricane

  • Water

Steadfast Commitment to Results and Expedient Recovery


When hardship strikes, be it an act of nature or other catastrophic event, our team is ready and eager to jump in and help. Our dedicated team can quickly provide the resources, advice, claims intake, inspection and support needed to assist with insurance claims of any kind.

Solutions to Even the Most Complex of Challenges

From basic claims to management and evaluation of complex circumstances our team has you covered. Over the years ATA leadership has developed innovative best practices, processes and protocols for the analysis, management and evaluation of insurance and legal claims alike.

With a documented track record of performance and positive outcomes for our clients, we stand proudly behind our efforts and processes, knowing that those who partner with us for claims consulting are getting the best the industry has to offer.

Claims we Support Include But are Not Limited to:

Claims Support and Consulting


An accurate understanding of existing coverage, policies and underwriting is key to helping our clients prepare a claim that effectively provides for entitlement under the policy, and/or aids in obtaining an expedited resolution of contested claims. We ensure that no stone is left unturned and that every source of potential recovery is explored to the fullest.


We can quickly and efficiently set up intake call centers staffed by experienced managers to accommodate any influx of claims from all classes. Our teams can be ready at a moment’s notice.


Accurate inspections on-site to verify causation of damages and to collect data and information necessary for proper estimates for recovery entitlement to be prepared.

Over the years our team has found that initial claims prepared are often lacking. Having a processional review and inspection conducted by a third party such as ATA Loss Consulting ensures a fair, honest and accurate assessment is made.


Superior claims management and support teams capable of assisting with a broad range of insurance claims in addition to having experience with specialty disaster events. For example, our team aided with the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent claims process.

Support Includes

but is Not Limited to:

  • Preparation of scope of damages

  • Drafting of accurate assessment and estimate

  • Assistance with proof of claim

  • Consultative support with regards to negotiations

  • Assistance with coordination of remediation

  • And more…


Our teams are comprised of experienced adjusters, engineers, forensic accountants, paralegals, and support staff ready to assist.




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