2018 - ATA Consulting LLC


We offer claims intake call centers and managers who are prepared to quickly set up a call center in your time of need. We make sure that all of the call centers are staffed and able to assist in all cases in a professional and timely manner. 



We are the industry leader in providing accurate and thorough claim evaluation services. Our teams of experienced professionals have proven to be the go-to in the claims industry. With the current claims handling processes that are in place, our clients have come to trust that we deliver the best quality estimates with speed and accuracy.


We offer claims support and management teams that can assist with all types of insurance claims. Beyond insurance claims, we have a proven history in speciality events such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the subsequent claims process that proceeded this man-made disaster. Our teams of experienced adjusters, forensic accountants, paralegals, and support staff stand ready to assist you.