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Uncovering Underlying Cause & Providing Supporting Evidence

Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary experts that work together in order to identify, uncover and understand the underlying causes resulting in damage or loss. This meticulous and detailed investigation is a key component in the claims process, involving engineering and other specialists.

Giving Damages & Loss Meaning: Determining the Value

ATA Loss Consulting is able to accurately assess the scope of damages and loss, from infrastructure and assets to losses derived from the cessation of operations and more. We work to quantify these losses in an accurate, comprehensive and detailed manner, providing supporting evidence to support the claims.

Policy Analysis

Insurance policies provide the guiding framework law firms and clients must work within. As such, a key step in the process is an analysis of the policy itself, including a lay breakdown of terminology, terms, conditions, exceptions and more. Our consultants are experts in deciphering complex insurance and legal verbose and conveying the key aspects of that information to team members in a way that is easy to understand and digest.

Negotiation, Litigation and Resolution

The ultimate goal of the claims process is an expedient and fair resolution, ideally resulting in the maximum potential remediation of loss for your clients. ATA Loss Consulting brings to the table a range of solutions aimed at speeding up, facilitating, mediating and ultimately aiding in reaching an ideal resolution.

Why Hiring a Loss Consultant is so Important


When the dust settles (often literally) the aftermath of a disaster or catastrophe brings with it a set of highly unique challenges for insureds, local and federal governments, and their respective legal teams.


ATA Loss Consulting has built a reputation on a foundation of superior service, innovative approaches, relentless service, and a dedication to assisting our clients in achieving the most favorable outcome possible. When it comes to insurance claims, disputes, negotiations and lawsuits our advisors will make sure you and your clients have everything you need to achieve the best results possible.

Results that Speak Louder than Words


From devastating wildfires, to hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters, our team is ready, eager and prepared to help with the aftermath of claims processing and management. Our combined decades of experience and work in both the private and governmental sectors has provided us with a varied and deep level of experience and understanding of our clients’ needs.


Our demonstrated track record of successful client outcomes speaks for itself, and we would love to add you to that list.


Claims solutions expertly developed, validated processes, efficiency, objectivity, and experience are just a few of the core competencies and valuable services you get when contracting with ATA Loss Consulting.

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