When it comes to insurance claims, there are two sides to every filing. Often times these parties do not agree on appraised damages and losses.

Independent appraisal and umpiring offer an alternative dispute resolution process that is often desirable as compared to costly and lengthy litigation.

Umpiring is often employed when a disagreement arises between the appraiser of the party making a claim and the insurance company’s own in-house appraiser. In such cases, an impartial independent third party (umpire) can be utilized in order to resolve the dispute.




Umpires are a vital component to the claims resolution process and take their responsibilities and ethical duties seriously. Umpires, similar to judges, have the power to make case decisions based on available evidence and their interpretation thereof.

Umpire Duties and More

  • Having a competency and deep breadth of understanding regarding insurance adjusting, claims processes, assessment, appraisal and more.

  • Responsible for determining business, property and associated losses and damages

  • Tasked with making a binding decision regarding the case

Use of Appraisal Process for Dispute Resolution


Appraisal processes are a frequently employed method of resolving insurance disputes. ATA Loss Consulting is highly familiar with this process and can help you navigate these waters with ease.


Provisions for this process are a commonality in many insurance policies for situations where the insured and insurer cannot come to a mutual agreement on the value of the property in question and/or the extent of damages and losses incurred.


In these cases, each party may select their own appraiser, each of which will perform an independent evaluation of their own. The “umpire”, selected by the appraisers or, in some cases, the court.


Information from both appraising parties is submitted to the designated umpire for resolution, the results and findings of which are binding only by a majority agreement.

The Right Experience Matters


Having a depth of experience in handling a myriad of claims and insurance issues, our property loss, claims management and loss consultants are well-equipped to provide independent assessment and advice for clients seeking to expedite and ensure maximum recovery.




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